The Gray Umbrella, LLC is the Creative Arts Studio of [A+M] = Aaron + Michelle Grayum, a collaborating husband/wife-artist/designer team operating in Nashville, Tennessee.


The Gray Umbrella's passion is to inspire the inner child, collaborate with dreamers, and support those in need through art and design, because we believe that the inner child in all of us, when set free, has the power to change the world.


The collaborative artworks of Aaron and Michelle Grayum blend a lively whimsy with serene sophistication. Acrylics, cut paper, charcoal, and other mixed media elements add a level of depth and texture to their quirky, hand-drawn birds, boats, umbrellas, and other colorfully charming subject matter inspired by the part of themselves that in some ways is still six years old.


With 15 years of graphic design experience each, Aaron and Michelle Grayum have garnered a dozen Addy awards and have been featured in Print magazine. They have been priveledged to work with class-act clientele such as the Tennessee Medical Association, Nashville Downtown Partnership, Pixelgrazer, STARS Nashville,  Las Paletas, Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health, Julie's Village, Green Hill Music, Hester & Cook Design Group, The Wonderful Life Foundation, Nashville Shores, Nashville Chamber of Commerce, HopePark Church, Upper Room Books, the Remember Me Mission and many more.